Risking It All

Go on, do it. You’ve been making money for the owners of the business for years now. If you give them your big idea then, well, they’re going to make even more money out of you, aren’t they? Added to that, the politics is driving you crazy, your colleagues are all miserable, and the commute is about as much fun as watching an Open University box set.

Face it, you’ve got an itch and you’re probably going to scratch it sooner or later. Starting up your own professional services business can be one of the most liberating things you can do in life and a true privilege (most days). It can also be a rollercoaster ride straight to hell in the early months/years. Many start-ups fail early on and the reasons are varied.

The one constant in start-up stories is the ‘unknown unknowns’. Most people who start up service businesses fall into one of two camps; great sales ability, or deep technical knowledge. Your primary objective at this stage is understandably ‘viability’ but understanding how to plan, manage and grow a business can help you avoid the phenomenon known as Hitting the Wall.