Corporate Finance

When you’re ready to let go, we can work with you to manage the sale process, helping you to achieve the optimum transaction shape, having consideration for price, initial and deferred consideration, warranties and indemnities and many other factors besides. The world of corporate finance is complicated and fraught with risk but help is at hand.

We have unparalleled experience in the UK SME space. Our founder Rob Stevenson has undertaken over 200 due diligence exercises and completed over 40 transactions. Our activity in this space also allows us to identify firms that represent a great fit with your business, whether they are publicly seeking an acquisition or not.

In addition, while we don’t keep lists of firms that are interested in selling, if our client’s are looking to acquire, we can often locate suitable firms, assist with negotiations, provide templates for offer letters, heads of agreement, sale and purchase agreements, executive service agreements and much more besides. We are also able to manage the due diligence process, pointing your financial, legal and regulatory representatives in the right direction and providing invaluable insight into the risks but also the likelihood that you can convert the acquired clients, advisers and so on, into your way of working. We are always on hand to assist with negotiations up to and immediately post completion as well.