Hitting The Wall

You make good money sometimes, but you have to do everything if you want it done right. You can’t fully trust anyone in your business. You’re lonely, frustrated and fed up – you’ve hit the wall. Countless books have been written on this very subject, but the bottom line is that you need some ‘next level’ thinking. To move the business forward you need to stop playing draughts and start playing chess.

You don’t need ‘big business’ but you do need to start planning strategically and executing professionally. In each key area of the business you need to build capability. A disciplined and targeted approach to client selection is a great place to start. This makes is easier to design a proposition that’s delivered consistently by everyone in the business and to align your teams with the proposition, through the development of robust systems and processes.

All this activity requires multiple projects and in order to get them completed, you need to take a strategic approach to the deployment of resources, through some careful planning. You know how to delight clients and make money (would you have got this far if you didn’t?) and now you want to undertake the tasks necessary to go Full Speed Ahead from lifestyle business to enterprise.