Letting Go

Monaco’s calling. You’ve been running your business successfully for years now and you wake up one morning, the knees are creaking, the energy levels are low and a random thought enters your mind – “what else would I do if I wasn’t doing this?” It’s the beginning of the end and before long there are lots of other things you could be doing.

If you’re like many of our clients when they came to us, you won’t have thought about letting go of your baby. In fact, the thought probably scares you a fair bit. It’s an emotional time for sure and you’ll need to balance the desire to look after your staff, clients and everyone that’s helped you get here, with the obvious priority of getting as much cash out as you can (while minimising deferred payments, earn outs and lock ins).

Make no mistake, selling a business is a complex process and its best managed by objective professionals. It’s almost impossible to negotiate effectively for yourself because you care too much, whereas we can be ruthlessly objective. We have huge experience when it comes to buying and selling businesses – Rob’s personally managed every aspect of over 200 M&A transactions with over 40 completions, so we’re well placed to guide you through the process.