Not every business needs a business plan, but every business needs some strategic planning and a way of capturing the results. Regardless of what stage of your adventure you’re at, an examination of your objectives, current situation and plans to get from A to B will be invaluable. Add in projections to highlight the financial impact of your plans and you’ve got a useful strategy tool for decision making and communication.

We’ve read, digested, critiqued and created hundreds of business plans and from this experience (and a vast amount of study), we’ve created the Entreprize Strategic Planning Model. This tool captures your Vision (10 years’ time), Mission (now and the next 3 years) and Purpose, as well as your SWOT and all your strategic objectives and plans covering Marketing, Organisation, Operations and Finance for the next 3 years. It includes a full set of financial projections from income right through to enterprise value and share matrix.

We use the Entreprize Strategic Planning Model in all our planning assignments and our clients really appreciate being able to see the big picture, all in one place. It also helps us tackle even the most complex of planning assignments in a few days, instead of months.