Ad Valorem – latin – ‘according to the value’

Just read two more articles on adviser fee models. There’s something in the financial press almost every day now and yet, the majority of advice firms have not changed their fee model and anecdotally, many have no intention of doing … Continue reading

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No regrets

During the course of my career, I’ve worked on over 200 business sales and most of them were founder/owner/operators. I always felt moved by the range of emotions on display as an individual made one of the biggest decisions of … Continue reading

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Conferences & Shiny New Things

So, you’ve just been to an inspirational 2-day conference full of thought provoking presentations, great ideas and inspirational stories, and quite frankly you’re feeling a little like young Jared here… Now fast forward 3 months; Christmas has come and gone, … Continue reading

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Simple exercises to explore your purpose

This post is a follow-up to an early one about meaning and purpose. If you haven’t read that yet, you might want to spend 10 minutes there first. In that post I explored the differences between meaning and purpose. I … Continue reading

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Succession is a growth strategy

When you set a business up, succession is probably the last thing you think about. The first few years are spent in survival mode, then if you’ve made it that far, you get to drag your teenage business through the dark … Continue reading

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There are many reasons why a growing business might consider an acquisition strategy; challenges to organic growth, tough competition, high costs, low valuations and so on. Whatever the reason, there are 3 main keys to success; fit, price paid vs … Continue reading

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Perspectives on Business Value

Corporate finance can be a complex subject, but it’s also one of great interest, especially if you own a business you hope to sell at some stage in the future. It’s human nature to try and simplify the complex and … Continue reading

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Forecasting Utility

Time is money as the saying goes. This is particularly true in professional services firms, where the acquisition and distribution of knowledge is the name of the game. Understanding utility and how to maximise it, helps increase productivity and lends … Continue reading

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Building a Business Plan

At the 2014 IFP Conference, Rob ran through the key areas to think about when formulating strategy and building a business plan for growth. Here’s the audio –  

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Why Meaning and Purpose are Different

I’m developing this annoying habit of looking for formula in all sorts of situations. Anyway, this blog is about leadership and identifying your why, meaning, purpose, legacy and so on. It’s a long one (you’ve been warned) so I’ve added … Continue reading

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