About Us

At Kingmakers we help the owners of SME firms to formulate a strategic plan, implement it and track their results. We provide the high-level strategic and operational firepower, that’s rarely found in growing firms.

We always have an initial consultation at our cost, we undertake a discovery process, we provide strategic business advice (either in a specific area or right across the firm), we assist with the implementation of the solution and we provide on-going support.

Our proposition is a unique combination of direct experience across all the links in the various supply chains that serve the Wealth Management space, a comprehensive understanding of the consulting process and a thorough grasp of the most important management theory. All our work is covered by professional indemnity insurance and delivered in accordance with the Institute of Consulting’s Code of Ethics.

Our services and products have been created using Value Management, a complete framework for business improvement, designed to maximise the overall performance of a firm and recognised as both a British and European standard (BS EN 12973). Using VM means we can systematically get to the root cause of the problem, by using the right tools at the right time, in the right context. We also focus on lean operations (a key element of VM) to help you remove the waste from your business. This is critical in a modern Wealth Management firm, as the focus shifts towards profitability as one of the key performance indicators. We have a minimum cost benefit ratio of 10:1 but clients often see results nearer the 50:1 mark, inside 1 year in most cases.

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